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Our itineraries focus on Georgia's best wine regions:

But, we can also take you out of wine country to enjoy other activities and sightseeing.

Most of our fixed tours start in Tbilisi (Kartli) but we also have options for tours starting in Kutaisi (Imereti).

We specialize in traditional food and immersive, authentic small group wine experiences where you will meet artisan winemakers and taste their wine with them

Most Popular Itineraries

Our standard group sizes are 2 to 7 people for shared tours. 1 to 14 people for private tours. A full day tour is typically 8 to 12 hours.
All our tours include at least 1 "meet the winemaker" or their family, experience.

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We can take you to any part of Georgia. Let us know where you want to go, and for how many days, and we'll create a custom itinerary perfect for you. Fill out our custom quote form so we can get to know your preferences.

About Our Wine Trips

Our motivation for all our trips center on our 3 core values:

Authentic - Our focus is on immersion into the real culture of Georgia. Though we may take you to some famous attractions (they are famous for a reason) we counterbalance that with grass roots experiences, like meeting micro-producer artisan winemakers at their family homes.

Personal - Every level of the experience should connect you with the people of Georgia, whether that is through the stories our guides tell, or the sincere interactions and hospitality of the people you’ll meet at our food and wine locations. Our small group experiences always maintain a level of real connection.

Interactive / Educational - We weave a picture of Georgia through a combination of hands-on activities and enthusiastic guides and hosts.


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