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Premium-Authentic Georgia / Kakheti Food & Wine Tours

In Georgia (Europe) the Birthplace of Wine
  • Authentic food & wine tours: culinary immersion, way off the tourist menu.
  • From high class vineyard dining to family "supras" (feasts) with the winemakers in their homes.
  • Taste unique bio wines in person with the winemakers at their artisan wineries.
  • Personal, small group, all-inclusive food and wine tours*. You will never leave hungry or thirsty.
  • Expat designed & managed, international level tours, Georgian guides & sommeliers.
*9/10 guests had no idea just how much variety of food and wine could be squeezed into every amazing day they spend with Eat This! Tours in Georgia.

Specializing in Shemomechama (Georgian for: "It tasted so good I accidentally ate the whole thing.")

Discover the Freedom to Indulge in Georgia!

All our Georgia / Kakheti food & wine tours focus on premium authentic travel. We created a balance because luxury is rarely authentic, but we want you to experience the real Georgia with comfort and quality built in.
We offer grass roots experiences with expert guides, modern vehicles, small groups (Up to 7 people for our scheduled wine country tours, larger groups possible for private tours) where you meet the winemakers themselves, try elevated and unique homemade food and have a personal, immersive trip.
We provide all-inclusive tours with ample food & wine tastings – because tours where every drink or bite to eat is at an extra cost are not just frustrating but also remove your freedom to enjoy. We select the best food and wine for you and remove the question marks from what to try. You will not return home hungry or thirsty if you follow our lead. Everything taken care of, just relax, feast, enjoy and go with the Georgian flow.

Choose From Our Best Kakheti Wine Tours

The majority of all our guests book our 4 top Kakheti wine tours + our Kakheti harvest tours. We spent 3 years refining these to be the perfect balance of wine, food, history, sightseeing, and hospitality. Meet winemakers and share food & drink with them. Explore the wonder and heritage of Georgian wine country.

Traveling from Kutaisi? Check out our Imereti wine tour options.

Best Seller
Sighnaghi Wine Tour - Kakheti Wine Region

Vines & Villages Sighnaghi Wine Tour – 1 Day Kakheti Food & Wine Tour

12 Hours
Max People : 7

6 Days per week. And on-demand daily. Replaced by winter wine tour (Dec to Mar). Most diverse wine trip. multi-course pairing menu lunch. Family dinner. Visit the mountain village of Signagi with stunning views of the Caucasus mountains. Visit 3 wineries, taste 11+ wines across 2+ wine appellations (PDO).

From₾430 GEL
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Best Seller

Vines & Mountains – 1 Day Kakheti Wine Tour (Telavi) Meet The Wine Artisans!

13 Hours
Tbilisi & Telavi
Max People : 7

5 Days Per Week (Apr-Aug). Replaced by harvest tour (Sept/Oct). Replaced by winter wine tour (Dec to Mar). And on-demand daily, year-round. 1-day tour taking a deep dive into traditional wine & food culture/history in Georgia’s most popular wine region, Kakheti. A fun, relatively busy day.

From₾400 GEL
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Top Recommendation

Wake Up In Wine Country – 2 Day Kakheti Food & Wine Tour (Telavi / Signagi)

~11 Hours Per Day
Max People : 7

2 DAYS. Every Wed & Fri (Apr to Oct), and on-demand daily, year-round. Explore both the Alazani and Iori valleys (Kakheti wine region) and wake up to breathtaking Caucasus mountain views, surrounded by vines. Pass through more than 5 wine appellations (PDO), and visit independent wineries along the way, tasting and eating as you go.

From₾795 GEL
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In addition to our popular scheduled small group Kakheti wine tours, we also offer alternative itineraries and fully custom tours. Everything is available to be booked on-demand or as a private group of any size. For sommeliers, wine industry professionals or journalists etc. we can plan a custom itinerary to meet your exact specialist interests.

Wine Explorers

Our most off-track and unique itineraries are only for those looking to venture way off the tourist trail and discover small batch wines that you will never have tasted and likely never taste again.

Our two most popular tours above are still the better choice for the majority of our guests, especially if it is your first visit to Georgia. Our explorer trips are best suited only for those wanting to step way out of their comfort zone.

Wine Explorer trips are one-off, unique itineraries. Each itinerary only runs once, ever.

Late August to Early November. Keep scrolling to find our classic non-harvest tours below.

Rtveli (Harvest Festival) Wine Tours

Rtveli (Georgian: რთველი) is Georgia’s wine harvest festival. It encompasses the whole process, from picking the grapes, through processing them into the wine vessels (qvevri) and the supra (lively feast) that follows. Every family that makes their own wine will have a Rtveli of their own.

Our tours focus on the most authentic harvest experiences possible. We have 3 types of Rtveli (harvest) tours, all of which include the essential elements of Rtveli:

REAL Harvest: Sep/Oct

REAL Family Rtveli 2024: 1-Day Wine Harvest Tours (Limited Dates)

12.5 Hours
Tbilisi, Telavi (some dates), Kutaisi (some dates)
Max People : 14

Real Family Rtveli – Join a real harvest and help a local family make their wine for the season. Traditional Supra (feast) cooking class and more! Late Aug To Early Nov (but mostly done by late Oct)

From₾340 GEL
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Harvest: Sep/Oct

Rtveli 2024 Wine Harvest (Simulation): 1 Day Kakheti (Telavi) Food & Wine Tour

12.5 Hours
Tbilisi & Telavi
Max People : 7

(Late Aug + Sept + Oct + Early Nov). 1 Day wine harvest (Rtveli) experience, including cultural stops, visit a qvevri builder and picking/stomping of grapes.

From₾390 GEL
View Details

Our Most Popular, Year-Round, Tours Other Than These Harvest Tour Options: Are Our Signagi & Telavi 1-day and 2-day Tours.

What Our Guests Are Saying

John A
Vines & Mountains Tour
One of our favorite travel days ever! I cannot endorse this tour company highly enough. My wife and I have taken food/wine tours in probably 20 places and this one was by far the best tour we have taken, and one of our favorite travel days ever. The wineries were great, the food over-the-top, and a great look into Georgian culture. The back office puts a lot of thought and care into creating perfect itineraries. Stop your search now and book here! See original review on TripAdvisor.
Beth E
Vines & Villages Tour

From artistically presented modern Georgian cuisine with fine wines, to toasting to the ancestors of Georgia with Bacho the winemaker in his wine cellar while eating the khachapuri his wife prepared for us in their home kitchen. All in one day! Eat This! Tours more than delivered on the authenticity (and quantity + quality!) they promised. I am now recommending their tours to everyone I know going to Georgia. See original review on TripAdvisor.

Vines & Villages Tour
Skip the generic tours and go with the best! Tommo will ensure you have a truly unique experience. They will take you to a variety of excellent family-run, medium, and larger wineries. Not only does Tommo know the best places for wine, but they also ensure you get the full Georgian experience with amazing food and hospitality. Their relationships with the winemakers and restaurants mean you get treated like family, and even at times get to taste wine directly out of the qvevri (amphorae)! You won’t regret booking a tour with Eat This! See original review on TripAdvisor.
Vines & Mountains Tour
This company was founded by a team of foreigners who have travelled all around the world. It’s an important detail, because after having spent over 1.5 years in Georgia, I have learned that most local companies don’t understand the needs of foreigners and how to provide service to them. This is one of the few companies that provides excellent service that’s on an international level. See original review on TripAdvisor.

All-Inclusive, Premium-Authentic, Small Group

Why Our Food & Wine Tours?

  • Value For Money / Pricing
  • Premium-Authentic
  • Personal
  • Interactive / Educational
  • Real Food + Wine Lover's Tours
  • British Run, Georgian Team

Value For Money / Pricing

The most common question we get asked is, why are our tours more expensive than some others? There are a multitude of answers. If you never took our tours before, you’d have no idea how much value you get for the price. Which is why those who do join us, overwhelmingly leave 5 star reviews, recommend us to others and return time and again to take new tours with us.

Our tours cost exactly the price of goods and services (restaurants, wine tastings, home made food, tour guide, vehicles, fuel) + margin for the company (to cover admin staff, marketing and so we make a profit, otherwise the business would close). The margin is about 10% to 30% depending on the type of tour and number of guests. Basically, if you spent years in Georgia researching, making contacts, planning your own trip, you could do the exact same trips as we provide for 10% to 30% less than we charge. But, for that margin, we saved you a lot of time :-)

The core difference between our tours and cheap trips is that we take you to exclusive, authentic, immersive, private and high quality places, rather than cheap mass tourism wineries and restaurants that offer kickbacks to tour companies that bring tourists. Small groups (max 7) rather than a big bus (10 to 30 people). All-inclusive, extensive wine and food tastings, rather than hidden costs and pay as you go extras at budget venues.


Our focus is on immersion into the real culture of Georgia. Though we may take you to some famous attractions (they are famous for a reason) we counterbalance that with grass roots experiences, like meeting micro-producer artisan winemakers at their family homes. We create the perfect blend from premium dining to eating the best homemade food at the family table. From high end wines, to the real home style cellar wines that are never even bottled to sell.
All the while, you will travel in comfort with modern air-conditioned private vehicles and expert professional guides.


Every level of the experience should connect you with the people of Georgia, whether that is through the stories our guides tell, or the sincere interactions and hospitality of the people you’ll meet at our food and wine locations. Our small group (max 7 people) experiences always maintain a level of real connection.

From making khinkali with mother, toasting the historic cultural toasts with the tamada (toastmaster) to experiencing traditional singing & dancing* in the homes of the Georgian people.

*NOTE: Singing & dancing is not always available, please let us know if you want this experience and we will try to book it in for you.

Interactive / Educational

We weave a picture of Georgia through a combination of hands-on activities and enthusiastic guides & hosts. Because of our small groups, full immersion into the culture is really possible, without feeling like a tourist on the sidelines.

Real Food + Wine Lover's Tours

If food & wine are the core reason why you travel, you are not alone. If trying a large variety of different flavors and tastes is your priority, especially if you want to discover some rare dishes and wines that generic food tours ignore, you are in good company. We will introduce you to the classics like khinkali (soup dumplinds) and khachapuri (cheese bread) too, but we also help you experience food & wine culture way off the tourist menu.

British Run, Georgian Team

Company founder Tommo has worked in international culinary tourism since 2013, blogging/podcasting and traveling to 95+ countries in search of new flavors while reviewing other company’s tours. Tommo finally settled down in Georgia in early 2019 and opened a tour company.

This international experience was the perfect vantage point to take all the best ideas from every tour he had joined worldwide, and combine them into one perfect tour experience.

With the help of some excellent Georgian sommeliers and guides, Tommo has weaved balanced tours that every foodie will love while maintaining a strong commitment to international level customer service and exceeding expectations.

Unlike many international led tour companies operating in Georgia, our founder lives in Tbilisi, Georgia, full time. Tommo doesn’t just own the company, he lives it, also leading special tours to lesser known regions himself.

If you are truly excited about exploring food & wine, you will be elated by our authentic gourmet experiences

Some Photos From Our Tours

Gallery: Georgia / Kakheti Wine Tours

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