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WhatsApp +995 511105991 (Mon-Fri 11am-6pm | Sat-Sun 11:30am-2pm) info@eatthistours.com

Tbilisi Wine Tasting Events & Tours

This page summarizes all our Tbilisi events and tours. If you want to head out to wine country instead, see our wine country tours here.

Wine Tasting Events

We run periodic wine tasting events in Tbilisi, each with a special theme. These are open to the public to attend, you just need to contact us to reserve a spot.

NEXT EVENT: Wednesday 29th March 2023

Steel vs Qvevri. Same grape, same terroir, same winery, different production style. We compare 3 grapes (6 wines) with steel tank and qvevri versions of each. 2 white + 2 amber + 2 red. Discover how qvevri and skin contact shape Georgian wines. When does qvevri impart minerality? What are the effects of micro-oxidation?

When: Wednesday 29th March.
Beginners Crash-Course | 7.45 pm Sharp (Please arrive before)
Main Tasting Session | 8:30 pm
Where: Wine Merchants | 46 Ivane Javakhishvili St (Near Fabrika) | 9 Minutes walk from Marjanishvili metro
Who: Hosted by Tommo from EatThisTours.com & George, resident enologist at Wine Merchants

To reserve a spot, fill out the form here.

Wine Tasting Walking Tours & Private Sessions

If you’d like to take a private wine tour with a guide, our typical tour offers the following and lasts 4 to 5 hours.

  • Try artisanal wines from a home producer in a 100 year old cellar
  • Try premium wines from some of Georgia’s most famous wine regions
  • Learn about wine tasting
  • Compare Georgian Traditional wines (8000 years of tradition) against European classical winemaking, with wines made from Georgian grapes.
  • Local cheeses and other snacks included.
  • Learn the ancient, and modern history of Georgian wine
  • Become competent in Georgian wine styles and traditions and impress your friends back home!
  • INCLUDES: At least 12 wine samples (50ml each) per person. Guide. Snacks & cheese.
  • EXCLUDES Additional wine and snacks, purchase of bottles.

A minimum of 4 guests are required to run this tour.

Looking to book a wine walking tour, a custom tasting or a private event? Contact tommo@eatthistours.com

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