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Articles about food, wine, culture & travel in Georgia.

What is The Real Rtveli Georgia (Wine Harvest Festival 2024): Simulation vs Real Rtveli

Rtveli in Georgia is an annual tradition. A wine harvest festival that is more than just drinking wine – it is the process of picking the grapes, processing them into juice, and starting the fermentation...
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Georgian Traditional Food

A Guide To Georgian Traditional Food: Iconic Dishes You Need to Try

Join us as we explore Georgian traditional food, a foodie journey we’ve loved embarking on over the years spent in this incredible country. Georgian cuisine, with its creative use of cheese, dough, and Georgian spices,...
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Top Wines: 2024 New Wine Festival (Mtatsminda) & Artisan Wine Fair Wyndam Grand Tbilisi Review

The New Wine Festival (May 11th 2024) in Mtatsminda park is the biggest single day wine festival in Tbilisi. Over 200 producers were represented. I managed to taste 75 wines from 34 producers. Artisan Wine...
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Top Wines: Zero Compromise Tbilisi (Natural Wine Association) Review, May 9th+10th 2024

Over 2 days of the Zero Compromise Tbilisi wine festival (May 9th+10th 2024), I managed to taste 147 wines from 50 producers, including 2 ciders and 1 beer :-) The majority were rated “good” or...
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Georgian Wine History

The Origin of Wine: Exploring Georgian Wine History

Why has Georgian wine history captivated connoisseurs and historians alike? The answer lies in a history steeped in over 8000 years of viticulture. Georgian wine isn’t merely a beverage; it’s a living archive of human...
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Is Georgia Country Safe in 2024? Our Essential Travel Safety Tips.

Is Georgia a Safe Country? Our Essential Travel Safety Tips

Is Georgia a Safe Country To Visit? This guide, drawing on my experiences since living here since 2019 and travels since 2016, my goal is to give you an honest look at safety, crime rates,...
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Tbilisi Wine Tasting - The Top Wine Bars in Tbilisi 2024

Tbilisi Wine Tasting – The Top Wine Bars in Tbilisi 2024

Wine tasting in Tbilisi is one of the main experiences tourists wish to have when visiting Georgia. As news spreads that Georgia is the birthplace of wine, many people want to visit a wine bar...
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Chreli-Abano, (Orbeliani Baths). One of the best sulfur baths in Tbilisi

Sulfur Baths in Tbilisi: A Local’s Guide for First Time Visitors

Visiting sulfur baths in Tbilisi is a must for anyone on vacation in Georgia. Their health benefits and the cultural immersion (if visiting a public bath) are a unique experience that you don’t want to...
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Tskaltubo Georgia - abandoned sanitorium

Tskaltubo Georgia: Healing Waters & Abandoned Sanatoriums.

What’s the appeal of Tskaltubo, Georgia? Close to Kutaisi, Tskaltubo carries a rich history. It was a hot vacation spot in the Soviet Era, famous for its therapeutic mineral springs. Today, while the sanatoriums are...
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UNESCO sites in Georgia - Gelati Monastery Frescoes

Explore the Wonders: Top UNESCO Sites in Georgia (country) for Lovers of History & Culture

Looking for UNESCO sites in Georgia? Georgia’s UNESCO landmarks are essential stops for any cultural traveler. Discover the spiritual magnetism of Jvari Monastery, the grand architecture of Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, and the distinctive towers of Ushguli....
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Rtveli: Wine Harvest Tours

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