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Articles about food, wine, culture & travel in Georgia.

Georgian Cuisine Mega Guide: 40+ Traditional Georgian Food Dishes (+podcast)

Ultimate guide to Georgian Cuisine. 60+ Must try Georgian traditional foods and where to eat them. Including Khachapuri (Amazing Cheese Bread) and Khinkali (Soup Dumplings). Don't miss out on any of these Georgian foods!
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What is The Real Rtveli Georgia (Wine Harvest Festival 2023): Simulation vs Real Rtveli

The Rtveli is an annual Georgian tradition. A wine harvest festival that is more than just drinking wine – it is the process of picking the grapes, processing them into juice and starting the fermentation...
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Top Wines: Merano (Chateau Mukhrani) & Bolnisi Festivals, June 2023

Over 2 days of wine festivals (June 11th & June 17th 2023), I managed to taste 123 wines from 51 producers. Merano festival at Chateau Mukhrani (June 11th) and the Bolnisi festival in the old...
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Top Wines: Wine Expo Georgia (Tbilisi), June 2023

Wine Expo Georgia is the biggest wine trade show in Georgia (country). In 2023 it ran from Friday, June 2nd to Sunday, June 4th. Over 120 producers were represented (there were more producers there than...
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Top Wines: New Wine Festival Tbilisi, May 2023

The New Wine Festival in Mtatsminda park is the biggest single day wine festival in Tbilisi. Over 230 producers were represented. I managed to taste 71 wines from 18 producers. The weather conditions made moving...
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Top Wines: Zero Compromise & Saamuri Festivals, May 2023

Over 3 days of wine festivals (May 5th+6th+7th 2023), I managed to taste 231 wines from 69 producers,  including 2 cider producers, who had cider, not wine :-) The majority were rated “good” or “acceptable”....
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List of All 29 Georgian Appellations (PDO) Microzones

Georgia (country) has 29 appellations (PDOs), sometimes called microzones. 20 of these are in Kakheti, the highest-producing wine region of Georgia, about 1 hour east of the capital Tbilisi. The exact specifications for each appellation...
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Discover the Best Georgian Wine Regions & PDO’s

Georgian Wine Regions Guide: To some extent, you could say much of Georgia is a wine region. Aside from the high mountains, a large proportion of the liveable area is capable of producing wine, and...
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COMPARISON: Georgia Wine Tours From Tbilisi. Guided & Independent Tours (Kakheti etc.)

In this article I compare Georgia Wine Tours from Tbilisi and Kutaisi as well as offer a summary to the major Georgian wine regions and wines. Should you take a Kakheti wine tour (Georgia’s most...
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Things To Do in Tbilisi Map & Guide: 40+ Activities & Places to Visit in Tbilisi, Georgia

Things To Do in Tbilisi & Free Tbilisi Map: Our Tbilisi Travel Guide includes an extensive list of places to visit in Tbilisi and fun things to do in Tbilisi. Whether you are after food,...
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Rtveli: Wine Harvest Tours

Pick Grapes & Feast With Artisan Winemakers

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