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Let us plan your perfect food and wine tour in Georgia (Europe). Book an on-demand, private or custom tour. You can find the booking forms below, or read our FAQs to learn more about the options.

Don’t miss our special family Wine Harvest tours (Sep/Oct).

About Our Private / Custom Tours

Scheduled vs. On-Demand vs. Private vs. Custom

What does each entail?

Our pricing and scheduling is defined by the type of tour you will take.

Scheduled: A fixed itinerary which runs on designated dates where you will join other guests who also booked. This may also include additional dates not on the fixed calendar, that were already booked in by other guests looking to share, but who could not participate on a date from the fixed schedule.

Real Rtveli (Wine Harvest) Tour: These are special scheduled tours which we only run in September / October. We have 7 trips this year to choose from. Read more about Rtveli here.

Or submit a request to join below.

On-Demand*: A fixed itinerary from our existing tour list which you request to run on a date of your choosing. Others may be allowed to join, or not, you can let us know when you make your booking request below.

Private*: A fixed on-demand itinerary from our existing tour list which you specifically request to only be for your group.

*NOTE: Some specific customizations can be included at no extra charge with these tours. For more extensive customizations, always use the custom tour form.

Custom: A completely bespoke personalized itinerary created by our tour experts to suit your needs. Custom planning surcharges are built into the final quote we will provide.

Learn More About Our Tours & Pricing


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How "all-inclusive" are your tours?

We focus on all inclusive, premium authentic tours.

We are always transparent about pricing & inclusions/exclusions, so you get exactly what you think you are paying for, and normally more, not less. Eat, drink and enjoy without upsells and unexpected bills.

Our typical inclusions/exclusions (unless otherwise agreed):


  • All food, beer, soft drink and wine (unless otherwise stated) – but normally extra too if wanted.
  • Pork and/or veal unless requested not. 
  • Driver-guide (with modern minivan or sedan), All transport for all days advertised on the itinerary. All their food and accommodation where required.
  • Pickup and drop off – As listed above
  • Entry fees to all locations
  • Taxes
  • Bottled water


  • Accommodation. We offer you options to book your own, or we can help you book and sometimes get you a discount. Your hotel breakfast is therefore typically excluded from our pricing as well.
  • Airport Taxis / transfers, unless stated in your itinerary.
  • Purchase of products to take home (Wine, food, souvenirs etc.)
  • Additional food and wine beyond the inclusions (But really, there will be plenty already, and we do buy extra in almost all cases where requested).
  • Insurance. Please arrange your own travel insurance.
  • Tips – non-compulsory. Suggested minimum tip for Guides: 90 GEL (~30USD) per day per tour group. This is optional, or you can tip more or less.

If I book a shared "on-demand" tour, will other's join me?

Scheduled tours, have fixed, scheduled dates when they are already running.

On-demand tours will only run if someone requests to book them. At which point the date can be set. If you are happy to share the tour with others, we can advertise your dates. If enough people sign up then you may get a discount on the listed price. If not, you will pay the fixed price agreed when you booked the date.

We can never guarantee others will sign up to on demand tours, but it does certainly happen quite often, especially if you book further in advance.

In general it’s always better to book a scheduled tour if the available dates work for you, if you want to be on a tour to meet new people.

All our tours require a minimum of 2 guests to run, or an ~85% surcharge in order to run with only 1 guest.

How is your pricing determined?

Pricing per day varies depending on the number of people attending the tour, the types of experiences that will be included, and the level of those experiences (ie. casual fine dining lunch is significantly more expensive than khinkali at a budget family restaurant). Unlike budget tours, we don’t really ever take people for a “budget lunch” as we value quality and authenticity.

Our tours include experiences ranging from small family home meals, up to casual fine dining. None of these will ever be as cheap as grabbing a salad and khinkali at a low end roadside restaurant. As a specialist food & wine tour company we won’t compromise the quality of our tours to reduce the price, but we can provide quality at a varying price range, just never at the cheapest price.

The price you pay is the exact price it costs us to run the service (paying guides and vendors for what they provide etc.) plus a margin of 10% to 30% to cover marketing costs, office staff, and so we run at a profit (otherwise we’ll go out of business!). The margin depends on the amount of people, and type of tour. We actually subsidize tours with only 2 people on, out of our margin, to keep our pricing competitive, and because we’d rather have our guides out and getting paid, than get greedy and penalize small groups.

We always try to price transparently and as fairly as possible and to pay guides and vendors above average in order to retain the best people.

What is the approximate pricing for your all-inclusive tours?

$1 USD = ~₾3 GEL

For Specialist Food & Wine Focused Tours

If your tour focuses on good food & artisan wine (as most do) then that costs more. These sorts of tours typically cost 370 to 550 GEL per person per day, depending on group size and the exact places you will visit.

For Non Food & Wine Focused Tours

If you book a custom tour that focuses more on things like hiking, sightseeing and historic attractions, these are normally cheaper as many of these activities are very cheap, or even free. For tours like this, prices typically range from 220 to 450 GEL per person per day depending on group size and the exact places you will visit. Even with these types of tours, we still get you to eat good food, and try at least a little wine (unless you don’t drink, of course)

Though we operate these types of tours on request, we mainly focus on food & wine because we excel at that.

What is the minimum pricing of your tours?

Minimum Price of a Full Day Tour With Transport

220 GEL per person per day (note that walking tours are sometimes less, and large private events can sometimes work out less than this too). 

This price is based around a more affordable (but still tasty and hearty) lunch, one small wine tasting of good (not best) quality wine. The rest of the activities for the day would be cheaper or free type experiences, like getting out to waterfalls or visiting monasteries. This price also considers a minimum of 7 people on the trip, but normally more.


What budget tours do, that we don’t

What a lot of tourists misunderstand is that many tours advertised around Georgia are not even close to all-inclusive, and certainly not quality. When you see wine trips for less than 100 GEL, what is in 

  • You get a space on a bus, normally with a lot of other people (especially in high season).
  • You have one guide, normally a junior guide as these companies pay the lowest wages, to serve all these people.
  • They go where is cheapest and easiest, not where is best. This normally means large wine factories with low quality wine, especially ones that offer a free tasting. Most stop at Patardzeuli which is a massive corporation right on the highway.
  • They get kickbacks from these places, so they make money off taking you to places you actually would not choose to go, which subsidizes the trip at the expense of quality. Good artisan winemakers don’t give their wine out to everyone for free!
  • You pay for pretty much everything aside from the bus ticket, guide, and any venues that have offered free tasting. So, things like lunch (at the cheapest restaurant they can take you to), and any extra wine tasting (normally at somewhere cheap though), will be out of pocket, meaning the 100 GEL tour actually costs more like 150 GEL.

You get what you pay for!


What we do instead

  • Small groups (up to 7 adults) for scheduled tours. Larger groups only for private bookings on request.
  • Expert guides and sommeliers with great English.
  • A focus on hand picked, top quality, authentic experiences, not budget wine factories and restaurants.
  • Genuinely all-inclusive, transparent pricing.

The point of the above information is simple: If you value quality, small group interaction, authenticity and want your food and wine selections made by experts who have gone to great lengths to engineer tours that will exceed your expectations, we can’t do that at the price you’ll see cheap tours advertised on the side of a minibus in the old town.

Our prices are competitive given the amount we include.


If you are looking for a tour that costs less than 220 GEL per person per day, then we are not the right company for you.

Based On Our Fixed Itineraries. If You Need More Than Basic Customizations, Submit A Custom Quote For Below Instead.

Book An On-Demand / Private Tour

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A Reminder Of All Our Fixed Itineraries

Join the Real Family Rtveli - Limited Spaces & Dates

Book A Real Family Wine Harvest Tour - Limited Dates

Book a Real Family Rtveli (our specialist immersion tours) or Harvest Party Event (larger group booking). To book a scheduled harvest simulation tour, please book a scheduled date here, or book an on-demand/private version of our harvest simulation itinerary using the form above.

Our specialist one-of-a-kind tours are fully weather dependent. Please give us a range of dates you could be available. No deposit is required until the date is finalized and the weather looks stable – normally 5 to 10 days before the trip. Get your name on the waitlist by submitting the form below.

Tours mainly runs September/October.

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Have us plan a bespoke tour just for you

Get a Custom Tour Quote

We can also provide specialist trips for wine exporters, journalists and sommeliers. Just let us know in your message.

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Exploring the hidden fringes of Georgia’s food & wine culture

Wine Explorers - Specialist One Off Trips

Our most off-track and unique itineraries are only for those looking to venture way off the tourist trail and discover small batch wines that you will never have tasted and likely never taste again.

Each trip is hosted by Tommo (company founder) as well as a local Georgian guide. You’ll get the local and expat perspective on life, travel and wine in Georgia. Each of these trips is entirely unique, has never been run before and never will be again. Like a rare vintage, explorer tours exist in ultimate finitude. Read more about Wine Explorers tours here.

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Rtveli: Wine Harvest Tours

Pick Grapes & Feast With Artisan Winemakers

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