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All Our Georgia / Kakheti Tours

Premium Authentic, All-Inclusive Food & Wine Tours

Our Georgia Wine Tour Philosophy

All our food & wine tours focus on premium authentic travel. We created a balance because luxury is rarely authentic, but we want you to experience the real Georgia with comfort and quality built in.

We offer VIP level, grassroots experiences with expert guides, modern vehicles, small groups (Up to 7 people for our scheduled wine country tours, larger groups possible for private tours) where you meet the winemakers themselves, try elevated and unique homemade food and have a personal, immersive trip.

We provide all-inclusive tours with indulgent amounts of food & wine tastings – because tours where every drink or bite to eat is at an extra cost are not just frustrating and remove your freedom to enjoy. We select the best food and wine for you and remove the question marks from what to try. You will not return home hungry or thirsty if you follow our lead. Everything taken care of, just relax, feast, enjoy and go with the Georgian flow.

Tour Dates & Availability

All our fixed Georgia/Kakheti food & wine tour itineraries can be booked as:

  • A scheduled tour (join a group that is already scheduled – dates below).
  • On-demand (Book a new date year round, minimum of 2 people). Once your date is confirmed, it will become a scheduled tour and get listed here so others can join. OR:
  • Private tour. You can book (a minimum of 2 people) a tour just for your group, year-round, which will not be listed here. Note that 2 person private tours always incur a surcharge (typically 10 to 20%). We suggest booking to join a scheduled tour.

Tour Index

Kakheti Tours – Our most popular scheduled tours

Harvest (Rtveli) Tours – Late Aug to early Nov

Tours From Kutaisi – Routes in West Georgia

Other Private Tours – Non-scheduled alternative itineraries (less popular)

Wine Explorers – Specialist one-off tours with company founder Tommo (opens in new tab)

Announcements – One Off Special Edition Tours: Georgian Easter traditions – family Easter (mostly secular) supra with polyphonic singing. May 5th 2024.  Additional dates may be possible: May 3rd / 4th / 6th.

Instantly Bookable Tours

Scheduled Kakheti Wine Tours

The majority of all our Tbilisi or Kakheti-based guests book our 2 top tours (Apr to Nov) our harvest tours (late Aug to early Nov), and our winter wine tour (Dec to Mar). We spent years refining these to be the perfect balance of wine, food, history, sightseeing, and hospitality.

Meet winemakers and share food and drink with them. Explore the wonder and heritage of Georgian wine country.

If you will be based in Kutaisi area, or transiting from/to Kutaisi to/from Tbilisi, then check out our Kutaisi tour departures below.

Our Bestsellers

Most Popular, Wonderfully-Indulgent Kakheti Wine Tours

Best Seller

Vines & Mountains – 1 Day Kakheti Wine Tour (Telavi) Meet The Wine Artisans!

13 Hours
Tbilisi & Telavi
5 Days Per Week (Apr-Aug). Replaced by harvest tour (Sept/Oct). Replaced by winter wine tour (Dec to Mar). And on-demand daily, year-round. 1-day tour taking a deep dive into traditional wine & food culture/history in Georgia’s most popular wine region, Kakheti. A fun, relatively busy day.
From₾400 GEL
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Best Seller
Sighnaghi Wine Tour - Kakheti Wine Region

Vines & Villages Sighnaghi Wine Tour – 1 Day Kakheti Food & Wine Tour

12 Hours
6 Days per week (Apr-Nov). And on-demand daily. Replaced by winter wine tour (Dec to Mar). Most diverse wine trip. multi-course pairing menu lunch. Family dinner. Visit the mountain village of Signagi with stunning views of the Caucasus mountains. Visit 3 wineries, taste 11+ wines across 2+ wine appellations (PDO).
From₾430 GEL
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Top Recommendation

Wake Up In Wine Country – 2 Day Kakheti Food & Wine Tour (Telavi / Signagi)

~11 Hours Per Day
2 DAYS. Every Wed & Fri (Apr to Oct), and on-demand daily, year-round. Explore both the Alazani and Iori valleys (Kakheti wine region) and wake up to breathtaking Caucasus mountain views, surrounded by vines. Pass through more than 5 wine appellations (PDO), and visit independent wineries along the way, tasting and eating as you go.
From₾795 GEL
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Authentic Family Feast

The Supra (Feast) – 1/2 Day Kakheti Artisan Dinning Experience (Food & Wine Tour)

8 Hours
4 Days Per Week (Mar to Dec) and on-demand daily, year-round. The ultimate authentic Georgian feast experience. Join a local artisan winemaker and their family. Interactive dining with the Tamada (toastmaster), Polyphonic singing, abundant food & wine.
From₾350 GEL
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Late Aug / September / October / Early November - Harvest Activities Tours

Georgia Wine Harvest (Rtveli) Trips

Our most unique/immersive tours are our Real Family Rtveli (Harvest) tours. We only run a limited amount and they mostly sell out. Join a family to help them harvest grapes, and make their wine for the season. Followed by the traditional harvest feast.

These trips are weather-dependent and final dates can only be confirmed much closer to the harvest date. If you have flexibility, these once-in-a-lifetime experiences are perfect. If you need a fixed date and have no flexibility, you can also book one of our scheduled harvest tours below (not weather-dependent, available on-demand daily). 

Note: Under most circumstances, if a real family Rtveli gets postponed due to weather, guests can opt to take a harvest simulation trip last minute instead. We actually rarely have to postpone or cancel.

Rtveli 2024 booking for scheduled (simulation) tours begin in March 2024 (for travel from late August onwards). Real Rtveli dates, begin to be bookable from early August 2024. Before then, join the waitlist as priority is given to those already on the waitlist, and these tours mostly sell out every year. We will notify you as dates become available.

REAL Harvest: Sep/Oct

REAL Family Rtveli 2024: 1-Day Wine Harvest Tours (Limited Dates)

12.5 Hours
Tbilisi, Telavi (some dates), Kutaisi (some dates)
Real Family Rtveli - Join a real harvest and help a local family make their wine for the season. Traditional Supra (feast) cooking class and more! Late Aug To Early Nov (but mostly done by late Oct)
From₾340 GEL
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  • Real harvest: weather dependent
  • Limited dates. One-off tours. Late Aug to Late Oct. Occasionally Nov dates.
  • Private / Event Bookings Possible, Very Limited Dates

Minimum of 7 people for Real Family Rtveli. Minimum of 10 people for event/party Rtveli.

Note: We have limited dates and these tours normally sell-out each year. Booking in advance is normally necessary.

Harvest: Sep/Oct

Rtveli 2024 Wine Harvest (Simulation): 1 Day Kakheti (Telavi) Food & Wine Tour

12.5 Hours
Tbilisi & Telavi
(Late Aug + Sept + Oct + Early Nov). 1 Day wine harvest (Rtveli) experience, including cultural stops, visit a qvevri builder and picking/stomping of grapes.
From₾390 GEL
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  • Scheduled harvest: rain or shine. Book in advance.
  • 6 Days per week (Late Aug + Sept + Oct + Early Nov.). PLUS other select dates, and on-demand daily

Minimum of 2 people.

Feb - Oct

Imereti Wine Tours (From Kutaisi)

Feb - Oct

Kutaisi: Imereti Artisan Wine Adventure (1-Day)

From Kutaisi!

Kutaisi Wine Tour (Imereti Wine Region) – Food & Wine Tour (1-Day)

10.5 Hours
On-demand only. 4-course homemade wine pairing-tasting menu lunch with an artisan winemaker at their home & a traditional Imeretian feast for dinner. Rare grapes, lovely rolling hills. Get a taste of one of Georgia's lesser-explored wine regions.
From₾375 GEL
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Year round, on-demand ONLY.

Kutaisi to Tbilisi (or back) 1-day transit food & wine tour

  • Winery lunch, a visit to the qvevri maker, and a winery dinner closer to your destination city.
  • Transfer from Kutaisi to Tbilisi, or Tbilisi to Kutaisi, with wine stops along the way. Make the most of your transit and explore central Georgia's wine region.
  • Book on-demand, year round.

None of these dates work for you? Select a different tour below, or book an on-demand new date – click the button to start.

Minimum of 2 people.

Wine Explorers - Special One Off Tours

Upcoming special tours with our company founder Tommo. These are for wine lovers looking to explore venues that currently do not feature regularly on any of our tours. Every tour is unique and discovers something unexpected. Be a part of a wine adventure that will only happen once!

Visit the Wine Explorers Page To See Trip Options.

Other Unique Tour Options

Additional Private On-Demand Georgia Wine Tours

Other itineraries for those looking to explore beyond our scheduled Kakheti wine tours. However, I strongly advise choosing one of our scheduled tours as they are the BEST tours we run, and you will be joining a group with others, rather than booking only for your own group.

Our Dec to Mar Bestseller

Kakheti Winter Wine Tour!

Best Seller

Signagi Winter Wine Tour Georgia – 1 Day Kakheti Food & Wine Tour (Dec to March)

11 Hours
Dec to March | 3 Wineries including a 6-course pairing menu lunch. Family dinner (supra). Wines & fireplaces, snow-capped mountains. Visit the mountain village of Signagi with stunning views of the Caucasus mountains. Visit 3 wineries, taste 11+ wines across 2+ wine appellations (PDO).
From₾430 GEL
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Looking For Something Different?

We specialize in small group, food & wine itineraries (with a good dose of history, sightseeing and culture thrown in). But we can provide anything from fully custom, multi day itineraries that will take to across of of Georgia, down to private walking tours in Tbilisi.

From personal two person honeymoon wine adventures, to 30+ guest wine country parties/festivals. We have wine, food and fun waiting for you!

Submit a custom quote request and we can build you an itinerary and get you a quote.

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