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Kakheti Georgia – Best Wine Hotels, Guesthouses & Resorts

Looking to immerse yourself in wine culture? Find incredible accommodation in the birthplace of wine, Georgia (Europe). In this article, we look at unique places to stay, from small family vineyards to luxury lake resorts in the heart of wine country. Sleep in chateaus surrounded by vines, or get cosy by the fire drinking saperavi (Georgia’s most famous red grape) in a boutique cottage winery.

Find below, wine hotel and resort options to suit every budget, from basic & rustic to luxury.

Kakheti Wine Region – Areas To Stay

Although there are wine regions across Georgia, the Kakheti region to the east is the biggest region for production and tourism. It also helps that the central Alazani valley has stunning views from end to end. The valley sits between the Gombori mountains to the south-west, and the snow capper Caucasus Mountains to the north.

I’ve broken up the Kakheti region very roughly into areas. For convenience, not along any specific political boundaries or anything.

Telavi City – The largest settlement in Kakheti. With an historic fortress.

Sighnaghi (Signagi) / Kardenakhi – The area at the south east end of the valley. Signagi village is at the top of a hill, with views down to the valley. Kardenakhi is at the bottom of said hill. Signagi is one of the most visited tourist towns for day tours.

Tsinandali – Historic wine microzone, home to the Chavchavadze Tsinandali Estate. Famous for the light, European style white wine Tsinandali.

Mukuzani / Gurjaani Area – The south central side of the Alazani valley, with great views north towards the mountains.

Kvareli / Shilda Area – A major wine producing microzone, below the foothills of the Caucasus.

Napareuli – Another popular microzone in the slightly less touristy north-west corner of the Alazani valley.

Manavi Area – Manavi, along with all the other villages along the south of the Gombori mountain range. This second valley of Kakheti is not quite as picturesque as Alazani valley, but they still make plenty of wine. It is also the closest part of Kakheti to Tbilisi.

Luxury & 4 star – Wine Hotels & Resorts ($120+ USD Per Night)

Your money goes a long way in Georgia, It’s actually quite a small list of places charging $120+ USD per night. And barely any above the $200 USD a night mark. So with a budget of perhaps $150 per night, you can stay at a pretty interesting wine resort.

That said, true luxury options are rare, with most places that describe themselves as “luxury” or “spa resorts”, really not meeting the standard of Luxury you’d get in most other popular tourist destination countries. I’ve tried to be as honest with my reviews as possible but it should be noted right from the start that the word luxury is used loosely just to mean luxury by local standards.

Villa Alazani – Boutique Guest House – Tsinandali/Telavi

Homely Feel farmhouse type villa surrounded by vines. Cozy, traditional family style but turned into an almost luxury boutique. Foreign owned by English speakers, though they may not be present all the time. So it’s not really a family villa, but it has that feel aesthetically.

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Chateau Mosmieri Resort & Wine Hotel – Tsinandali/Telavi – 4 star style

Mosmieri is a medium size winery that is focused on the German tourism market. They make a wide selection of both Georgian style wines, and European style wines from Georgian grapes. It’s a well organised operation with an excellent a la carte restaurant with views of the mountains. As well as the wine and restaurant complex, they now have a high end (4 star style) hotel behind the winery. Wake up in the countryside to mountain views and, of course, wine if you like!

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Radisson Collection Hotel Tsinandali Estate – 4 to 5 star standard

Rooms are pretty good, the interiors of the hotel and restaurant are a step above competitors – rustic modern. Walk in access to the Chavchavadze Tsinandali historic estate, behind the Radisson hotel.

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Schuchmann Wines Chateau, Villas & SPA – Tsinandali

The 2 bedroom villa is nice. The rest of the rooms are very plain, and a little old, but the location and the hotel itself are great. They Make their own wine and are Known for good food, they have a restaurant in Tbilisi too. Somewhere between 4 and 5 star standard rooms.

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Chateau Mere – Tear Telavi

Nice chateau building with their own wine making and Qvevris. Some rooms more stylish than others. Ggood for wine but the hotel rooms themselves are a little worn.

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Akhasheni Wine Resort – Mukuzani Area

A newer hotel right in the heart of wine countryside. The rooms have a little bit of a cheaper feel to them, but overall this is a good choice for a 4 star standard stay where you can drink their wines.

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Other Semi-Luxury Options To Consider.

Lopota Lake Resort & Spa

Modern lake spa resort. Not a wine hotel. Also not fantastic reviews, but ok.

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Royal Batoni

Fancy castle with round towers and interesting interiors. Some of the rooms are a little garish.

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Kvareli Lake Resort – Kvareli Area

Modern lakeside resort, lots of rooms. Not a wine hotel but in the heart of the wine region.

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Kvareli Eden Hotel & Wine SPA – Kvareli

Rooms are cookie cutter. Outside is a new building, but the spa itself is nice.

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Mid Range (2 & 3 Star Style – Wine Hotels ($50 – $120 Per Night – double Room)

Looking for the sleeping with wine experience, but at a bit lower cost? There are still some great places with lovely wines and views at a very affordable rate.

Babaneuris Marani – 3 Star Chateau Style – Napareuli Area

Turreted Chateau, surrounded by land and vines. Nice restaurant and quite acceptable modern rooms. They Also have a pool.

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Hotel & Wine Cellar Arge – Ikalto/Telavi Area

The unobstructed view from the Rooftop, and from every north facing room, is one of the biggest selling points at Hotel Arge. Even those with a south facing room still get views back over the village towards Gombori. They also have a pool and a lovely conservatory. Arge makes their own wine, and it was some of my favourite wine from the wine hotels on this list. The rooms are very basic, and feel cheaply made, but functional.

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Twins Old Cellar Hotel – Napareuli

More basic decor, cookie cutter rooms, at a price slightly higher than I’d expect for the quality. The main draw of staying here is the overall atmosphere, the restaurant really is surrounded by vines. They have lots of options for food, drink and a few activities.

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Hotel Tela – Telavi City

Hotel Tela is a very new facility in the heart of Telavi city, the rooms and bathrooms have a little more of a positive feeling with the decor. Even though they are plain, they just feels a bit nicer and better thought out than most of the other budget and mid range hotels. The views from the restaurant terrace are the biggest selling point though. You can also enjoy dinner in the cellar. Wine is now being made on site.

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Shaloshvili’s Cellar Hotel – Kvareli

Modern hotel on the site of an active winery. Medium size production with quite a variety of wines made on site. The complex itself is great for the price, though the rooms are very basic in terms of decor.

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Budget – Wine Guesthouses (Less Than $50 Per Night)

Still want to get away to wine country, but travelling on a budget? Spend a night a small production winery that has accommodation.

Milorava’s Guest House & Wine Cellar – Telavi

Budget guesthouse near the centre of Telavi. The main draw for staying here is it is a 100% family homestay. Meet the family, enjoy drink and/or dinner with the family. They make some really unique wines, and a wide selection for such a small home production. Including a Georgian grown Montepulciano. 

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Hotel Guglux & Wine Cellar – Telavi

Wine hotel with cellar where you can have dinner and drink the wine made by the hotel. Rooms are relatively basic but fine for a budget stay.

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Elizbar Talakvadze & Sons – Tsarapi

Small, newly finished guesthouse connected to the Elizbar Talakvadze home winery in the Kardenakhi microzone. Expect a family style welcome, wine tasting options and some farm animals.

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Chateau Napareuli Boutique Hotel

The name makes it sound a little fancier than it is. But Chateau Napareuli features clean, simple rooms at the crossover between budget and 2 star. This family run small hotel is in the countryside, on the edge of the village of Napareuli.

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