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What is Amber Wine / Orange Wine

Exploring Orange Wine: A Guide to Georgian Amber Wine’s Unique Flavours

Amber wine, also known as orange wine, is white grapes made into wine but with the richness and complexity of a red wine. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind its unique color, its deep roots in Georgian winemaking, and how to really enjoy its hearty flavors. Come along as we take a friendly...
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Discover the Best Georgian Wine Regions & PDO’s

Georgian Wine Regions Guide: To some extent, you could say much of Georgia is a wine region. Aside from the high mountains, a large proportion of the liveable area is capable of producing wine, and does. Maybe not always on a commercial scale, but home winemakers producing for personal consumption are almost omnipresent. Wine is...
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Kakheti Georgia – Best Wine Hotels, Guesthouses & Resorts

Looking to immerse yourself in wine culture? Find incredible accommodation in the birthplace of wine, Georgia (Europe). In this article, we look at unique places to stay, from small family vineyards to luxury lake resorts in the heart of wine country. Sleep in chateaus surrounded by vines, or get cosy by the fire drinking saperavi...
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20 Best Vineyards In Georgia (Europe) inc. Georgia Wineries Map

Vineyards In Georgia (Europe) & Georgia Wineries Map: Georgian wine is some of the most unique in the world with a focus on traditional production techniques. In this artiguiacle, we round up our top Vineyard choices from our extensive testing of wine at cellar doors around the country. It’s a tough life! From tiny home...
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Things To Do in Kutaisi & Imereti Georgia | Kutaisi Restaurants, Tours & Map

25+ Things To Do in Kutaisi & Imereti Georgia: Our Kutaisi tourism guide and Kutaisi map explores all of the best Imereti attractions around Kutaisi and the surrounding countryside. Discover top UNESCO sites like the Bagrati Cathedral & Gelati Monastery complex. Fall in love with Georgian nature at Prometheus Caves and Martvili Canyon. Drink in...
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