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Top Wines: Merano (Chateau Mukhrani) & Bolnisi Festivals, June 2023

Over 2 days of wine festivals (June 11th & June 17th 2023), I managed to taste 123 wines from 51 producers. Merano festival at Chateau Mukhrani (June 11th) and the Bolnisi festival in the old Swabian/German town of Bolnisi (Ekaterinefield) south of Tbilisi. The majority were rated “good” or “acceptable”. And by this, I mean...
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Top Wines: New Wine Festival Tbilisi, May 2023

The New Wine Festival in Mtatsminda park is the biggest single day wine festival in Tbilisi. Over 230 producers were represented. I managed to taste 71 wines from 18 producers. The weather conditions made moving quickly between producers more challenging. The majority were rated “good” or “acceptable”. And by this, I mean wines that we...
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Top Wines: Zero Compromise & Saamuri Festivals, May 2023

Over 3 days of wine festivals (May 5th+6th+7th 2023), I managed to taste 231 wines from 69 producers,  including 2 cider producers, who had cider, not wine :-) The majority were rated “good” or “acceptable”. And by this, I mean wines that we can objectively say to have merit, and enjoyable characteristics that make them...
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COMPARISON: Georgia Wine Tours From Tbilisi. Guided & Independent Tours (Kakheti etc.)

In this article I compare Georgia Wine Tours from Tbilisi and Kutaisi as well as offer a summary to the major Georgian wine regions and wines. Should you take a Kakheti wine tour (Georgia’s most famous wine region), or head to one of the lesser known regions? Which wine regions are easiest to reach from...
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Kakheti Georgia – Best Wine Hotels, Guesthouses & Resorts

Looking to immerse yourself in wine culture? Find incredible accommodation in the birthplace of wine, Georgia (Europe). In this article, we look at unique places to stay, from small family vineyards to luxury lake resorts in the heart of wine country. Sleep in chateaus surrounded by vines, or get cosy by the fire drinking saperavi...
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20 Best Vineyards In Georgia (Europe) inc. Georgia Wineries Map

Vineyards In Georgia (Europe) & Georgia Wineries Map: Georgian wine is some of the most unique in the world with a focus on traditional production techniques. In this artiguiacle, we round up our top Vineyard choices from our extensive testing of wine at cellar doors around the country. It’s a tough life! From tiny home...
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