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List of All 29 Georgian Appellations (PDO) Microzones

Georgia (country) has 29 appellations (PDOs), sometimes called microzones. 20 of these are in Kakheti, the highest-producing wine region of Georgia, about 1 hour east of the capital Tbilisi.

The exact specifications for each appellation are complex, the below list is a quick summary overview of each appellation, the wine type and grapes and the region. I’ll be writing a much more detailed guide to each of these PDO wine styles in the future. A wine regions guide to some of the main regions and grapes is here.

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Pro food & Drink travel writer, photographer & podcaster since 2013. Tommo & his wife have now visited 95+ countries in search of food and wine. They decided to make Georgia (Country) there home base in 2018 and now Tommo runs food & wine tours.

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