Itinerary for Wine Valley 1 Day Wine, Food & Scenery Trip to Kakheti Region of Georgia (Europe)

Kakheti is Georgia’s biggest wine producing region featuring some of the most interesting wineries in the country. The hill town of Signagi, as well as the Alazani valley, where many of the best micro climate zones (for grapes) are situated, offers panoramic views of the Caucasus mountain range.

This 1 day trip from Tbilisi will take you to some of the highlights of the valley, and you’ll be tasting plenty of wines.

The schedule is tight, due to the amount of driving needed to visit the valley in 1 day. We normally recommend a 2 day itinerary for Kakheti, Or even a 3 day Kakheti Itinerary, so you can explore at a slightly more relaxed pace.

So, if you are going self guided, you may want to leave earlier in the morning to give yourself some more flexibility for getting lost, or not knowing the roads well. Or, in summer, you can just take a much longer day and get back to Tbilisi after 10pm. Or, hire us, or one of our guides who know all the locations well.

NOTE: Seasonal variations & daylight hours can affect timings and availability of certain activities

All wineries should be booked at least 1 day in advance. Family wineries rarely take walk in’s. We can organize all of this for you, as well as a safe driver – so you can drink as much as you want. Just contact me at [email protected]

NOTE: Most wineries offer large servings for each tasting (75ml – 150ml per wine) and you often get bonus shots of chacha (Georgian grappa) and wine. This is why they charge for a tasting. This is typical across Georgia, though not 100% of the time. Most vineyards open from 11am to 6pm/7pm.

$1 USD = 3 Lari (Approx)

Find The Full Itinerary Below.

Options For Taking This Tour:

[NOTE: online bookable options Coming March 2020 – until then, email [email protected] for more info]

Email us with the following info:

  • Number of guests (Adults / Children)
  • Dates & number of days
  • Standard Tour – as below. OR custom tour, we’ll create one for you.
  • Pickup city or location / Drop off city or location
  • Wine Preference: Some OR plenty OR loads!
  • Other info about you

Private groups up to 12 guests are possible on request. Typical group size is 2 to 8 guests.

Day 1 – To Signagi & Telavi

1. Meet 9am. Depart by 9.15am

Meet Driver At Revolution Square (Iveria Cafe) / Or Arrange Pickup From Your Hotel.

2 Hour Drive with opportunity for quick stop at roadside bee hives (seasonal) and/or some views across Gombori pass.

2. Arrive 11:15 Akido Village Winery, Historic Cottage & Cooking Class

Wine tasting with mountain views in the garden of a traditional early 20th century village cottage that has been preserved in the original style. Take a short cooking class and learn to make a traditional Georgian dish like khinkali (Dumplings) or Khachapuri (Cheese stuffed bread).

Make Khinkali @ Akido Wines

Taste 3 organic wines and 1 chacha, plus cheese board, 30 lari per person. Cooking class prices vary. Book tasting and class in advance. Great English spoken here, so it’s a good place to learn about traditional winemaking.

If you don’t want to take a cooking class, book other food in advance as this is the only food stop until 3pm.

Depart 12.45pm

3a. WINE OPTION: Arrive 1.30pm. Vaxo Oqruashvili Home Wine Cellar

If you are ready for a big drinking day, your next stop is a very small winery inside a family home, with rows of vines in the back garden.

This is a tiny home wine cellar with an enthusiastic host, who makes the wine himself. The wines are very rustic, and everything comes in plastic bottles, which is the most typical way locals drink wine in the countryside.

Reservation Recommended. Minimal English spoken, but enough to get the gist.

MUST depart by 2pm latest to make it in time for the next stop.

OR – Not keen for a massive day of drinking? Skip this winery and take a history/scenery stop instead:

3b. HISTORY OPTION: Arrive 1pm. Fortress Of Telavi OR House-museum of Chavchavadze

On a clear day, visiting central Telavi and the fortress, with a view of the mountain is great. If you are behind on time, you can just have a quick 20 minute walk around.

MUST depart Telavi by 1.30pm latest to make it in time for the next stop.

If you are ahead on time, and you have your own Georgian speaking guide, then consider a stop at the House-museum of Chavchavadze. This old country mansion is regarded as the first place in Georgia to make Classical European Style Wines. 30 minutes is sufficient for a short visit with your own translator/guide.

Otherwise, to get an english tour often involves quite a wait, and there is little or no English information around the house.

MUST depart chavchavadze museum by 1.45pm latest to make it in time for the next stop.

4. Arrive 2.50pm, Cradle Of Wine

Scheduled tasting begins at 3pm sharp. Reservations Essential.

Extensive wine tasting options of unique artisan wines and spirits, including lavender Chacha and an ever changing range of wines made by Paul and his small team.

Great views of Signagi & The hills/mountains from the balcony.

Excellent and detailed wine & culture presentation – min. 1 hour. With various tasting package options, from 30 to 100 lari. The 100 lari is a very extensive tasting indeed and takes a full 2 hours!

Cheese, pickles and other snacks are included to tide you over until dinner later.

Paul @ Cradle Of Wine Marani, Signagi

Levan generally handles tastings on Mondays and Tuesdays; Paul – Wednesday through Sunday. Paul is the owner and speaks fluent English – USA born with Georgian Heritage and provides a very enthusiastic presentation.

Depart 4.30pm ish. If you are running behind and think you’ll miss the 3pm tasting session, you can try and call to switch to the 5pm tasting session. Then do item 5 below, and come back to the tasting at 5pm.

5. 4.30pm. Explore Signagi & Bobde/St. Nino’s Convent

4.30pm to 5pm. Enjoy an afternoon stroll around the bridge, town hall square and up towards the view point on the north ridge side of the town – where you’ll find views all the way down into the Alazani Valley.

5.15pm to 5.45pm. Signagi is known as The City of Love. Visit one of the most important churches and convents in the region – Bobde & St Nino’s. The only place in Georgia you can get married on the spot. Marriage is not required for the tour 🙂

Depart Bobde at 5.45 or 6pm

6. Arrive 6.30pm ish. Giuaani Winery

See the difference between Artisan production and medium size commercial production at Giuaani. This is still a family owned, mid scale winery, so you still get a bit of a personal touch. But it’s big enough to offer a very wide selection of bottled wines.

Take the tour (optional) and visit the factory and cellars. Plus, see views south across the valley towards Azerbaijan. Wine tour/tasting packages 28 lari (4 wines, 2 chacha, cheese board) – smaller tasting package options available.

Bread making @ Giuaani

Optional traditional bread making class (5 lari per person), Churchkhela (Georgian dessert) making (5 lari per person).

If you are a little wined out, you can just sit in the garden or one of the lounges and order off the excellent a la carte food & wine menu. (It is recommended to order when you arrive as food is cooked to order and can take 30 minutes)

If you want the tour, it’s better to call ahead. At the very least, it’s suggested you book a table during high season.

Depart 7.45pm

7. Arrive Tbilisi 9pm

Your driver can drop you at a central point, or your hotel.

Ready to book your wine tour? Contact us to hire a driver, a driver/guide or to hire us – Tommo & Megsy – As your personal wine, culture & social guide.

Email us with the following info:

  • Number of guests (Adults / Children)
  • Dates & number of days
  • Standard Tour – as below. OR custom tour, we’ll create one for you.
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