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WhatsApp +995 511105991 (Mon-Fri 11am-6pm | Sat-Sun 11:30am-2pm) [email protected]


Kvemo Kartli (Bolnisi - South Georgia)

REAL Harvest: Sep/Oct

REAL Family Rtveli 2023: 1-Day Wine Harvest Tours (Limited Dates)

From₾340 GEL
12.5 Hours
Availability : Mar 22’ - Dec 26’
Tbilisi, Telavi (some dates), Kutaisi (some dates)

Real Family Rtveli – Join a real harvest and help a local family make their wine for the season. Traditional Supra (feast) cooking class and more! Late Aug to late Oct.

German History In Georgia

German Cellars, Vines & Archeology Tour – Bolnisi / Dmanisi / Asureti (Food & Wine Tour)

From₾430 GEL
12.5 Hours

On-demand daily, year-round. 19th-century German architecture and wine cellars with Georgian 8000-year wine traditions: feast with the winemakers. 1.85 Million-year-old archeology of Homo Erectus. Incredible valleys, mountains, and canyons.

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