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Kvemo Kartli (Bolnisi - South Georgia)

REAL Harvest: Sep/Oct

REAL Family Rtveli 2024: 1-Day Wine Harvest Tours (Limited Dates)

From₾340 GEL
12.5 Hours
Availability : Mar 22’ - Dec 26’
Tbilisi, Telavi (some dates), Kutaisi (some dates)

Real Family Rtveli – Join a real harvest and help a local family make their wine for the season. Traditional Supra (feast) cooking class and more! Late Aug To Early Nov (but mostly done by late Oct)

German History In Georgia

German Cellars, Vines & Archeology Tour – Bolnisi / Dmanisi / Asureti (Food & Wine Tour)

From₾430 GEL
12.5 Hours

On-demand daily, year-round. 19th-century German architecture and wine cellars with Georgian 8000-year wine traditions: feast with the winemakers. 1.85 Million-year-old archeology of Homo Erectus. Incredible valleys, mountains, and canyons.

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