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WhatsApp +995511105991 (Mon-Fri 11am-6pm | Sat-Sun 11:30am-2pm) [email protected]

Affiliate Program

Register or login here: https://eatthistours.com/affiliate-area/

Please read the information below before applying to join, otherwise, you may get rejected if you miss something important on your application.

About Our Affiliate Program & Tracking

We offer specialist, premium-authentic, all-inclusive food & wine tours in the country of Georgia. Small group, grass-roots experiences that always exceed expectations.

We offer commissions on:

  • Bookable, scheduled tours on our website
  • Fixed itineraries that can be booked on-demand
  • Fully custom and private tours
  • Special “wine explorer” one-of-a-kind trips, hosted by company founder Tommo.
  • Almost all new offerings except the below

We don’t offer commissions on:

  • Public wine tasting events (except private group bookings – which would be a custom/private tour)
  • Public wine walking tours (private tours, we do pay commissions). These are not that profitable and we rarely run them.

When a visitor clicks your personalized, unique affiliate link, a tracking cookie (30 day expiry) will track if the user sends us any contact or booking form, or makes any purchase/booking.

For extra success for our affiliates, all our affiliates get a unique coupon code (see more below) which will lock any booking to them, when used. So phone bookings, for example, if they mention the coupon code, we will track sales manually to you.

We are a small company and are continuously working to develop and improve our tracking systems so our affiliates always get attributed for sales. We are deeply thankful for all the sales you send our way and want to keep you happy. If you believe there has been any error on our side, please let us know and we’ll investigate. We’d rather payout on a maybe than penny pinch and piss you off, if there is clear doubt on an issue.

Our affiliate program is powered by the premium version of Affiliate WP – the leading WordPress affiliate plugin.

Calculating Affiliate Commissions

We pay commissions of 25% of the gross profit (after payments to vendors/guides. Before admin, office, and marketing costs).

Our margins on tours (based on advertised prices) are typically 10 to 30% depending on the number of people in the group and the complexity of the tour. ie. 2-person fixed itineraries have the lowest margins, 7 person specialist custom multi-day trips would have a higher margin. We subsidize 2 person fixed trips to run the max number of tours, and profit most off a full van as well as charging supplements when doing complex custom planning or private tours.

Ultimately, profits vary as we run bespoke tours.

A typical gross profit, based on a 7-person (full minivan) scheduled (not custom) 1-day tour = 500 GEL (~$200 USD).

If you referred all 7 guests, then you’d get a full 25% for that tour profit = 500 GEL x 25% = ~125 GEL = $50 USD.

If you referred 2 guests of the 7, you’d get 25% of the profit of 2 guests = (((500 ÷ 7) x 2) x 25% = 36 GEL = ~$14

Our margin is about 20% on revenue in this case, and yours is hence 5% on revenue. With tours with higher or lower margins, the gross profit varies. Hence we don’t offer an exact commission on revenue, only on gross profit.

In future, as the company grows and annual revenues become more predictable we should be able to simplify this whole setup. But right now, it’s a little complex, but a report of commissions will be available for you to check. As far as we know we are the only premium wine tour company in Georgia with a direct online affiliate program, so bear with us! We are already pioneering some stuff here.

Our top affiliate converts at ~3.2%, making 100 clicks (of relevant, timely traffic) earn about $20 USD on average per 100 clicks (cpm).

Coupon Codes

Every affiliate receives a 5% coupon code. They can promote this on any channel they like, excluding PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. 

Feel free to promote in articles, banners, social media, mentions on a podcast/video, word of mouth, leaflets etc. Anything other than PPC, as that can compete with our own campaigns.

Using a coupon code to travel yourself is prohibited and may result in instant removal from the program and no payouts.

In the situation where a coupon code of one affiliate is used, but the conversion was tracked to a 2nd affiliate, we currently split the commission 50/50. However, in future if it becomes clear that coupon spam is leading to this, we may change this policy to primarily reward the affiliate who sent the traffic.

What Pages To Link To / Best Ways To Promote Us

A full document with links to images / banners etc. As well as more details copy you can use and edit to promote us and our various tours is here:


A shorter summary of the best tours to promote is below.

Every affiliate can create their own affiliate links inside their affiliate dashboard. There is a link builder. It’s very easy to also do it manually and instructions are inside.

Make The Links Track To You – Add Your Affiliate ID

Simply add your tracking ID to ANY link on our website.

Add this to the end of the URL, after the “/”:


Example: https://eatthistours.com/?ref=1

Your affiliate ID number is listed in your affiliate area dashboard. But you can also use the link generator there to make links if you prefer.

For general promotion of our tours, it’s best to link to:

If you want to promote any single tour, which may be the most relevant to your blog/articles, then you can link directly to the individual tour page. Browse all the tours here to find the links. https://eatthistours.com/tours/

Our 3 bestselling tours are:

Vines & Mountains: Meet The Wine Artisans (1-Day Telavi Tour)


All artisan wine and food with small batch wines and meet the winemaker experiences. Khinkali class with a winemaker’s family.

Vines & Villages: A Tale of Two Georgia’s (1-Day Signagi Tour)


6-course wine pairing lunch, Signagi (mountain village) visit and wine tasting, family artisan wine dinner (mini-supra).

The Supra Tour: Authentic Wine Country Family Dinner Extravaganza


The quintessential Georgian dining tradition. Toasts, polyphonic singing at the table, and free-flowing artisan wine with indulgent amounts of homemade food. Join a local family and the winemaker at their home for the ultimate Georgian meal experience.

Harvest Season

Harvest is the busiest time of the year for us. We offer real Rtveli tours (where guests actually meet a winemaker, help them harvest and make their wines, followed by a supra, of course). As well as scheduled harvest tours (which are not weather dependent and involve harvest activities for guests at small wineries, but not actually making the wine for the season)

If you want to promote wine harvest specifically, tours run late August to early November. Promote this page for general info about harvest tours and links to tour options:


I’d recommend reading the info on that page to make it easier to promote.

GOOGLE Images Folder: feel free to use any of these images. If you require any particular sizing please let me know and I can send them to you.


Your Affiliate Dashboard

Login or register here: https://eatthistours.com/affiliate-area/

From within the dashboard you can:

  • Generate affiliate link (affiliate urls tab)
  • See referrals that have been approved by us (referrals tab). NOTE: Approval happens once the tour has completed. We manually tick off all completed tours as a batch at the end of each month.
  • See Payouts – are currently done manually and will not show in the dashboard. See more info below. We are working to make this more automated in the future.
  • See Visits – a full list of every landing page (arrival page) visit our site, and if it converted to a sale or not. This will help you identify which landing pages convert best for you.
  • Download creative – get images, banners, copy, etc. which you can use to increase conversions.

NOTE: Currently all leads show as £1 once they convert. A lead is a single booking, not each individual person on that booking. After they complete their tour and we total up the month, we’ll manually enter the actual commission share you are owed for each booking.

Some leads book months in advance, so don’t be surprised if they don’t get paid fast. Some leads cancel, refund, or simply never book, at which point we cancel that lead from your account. It will show as such.

As of early 2023, about 70% of leads actually go on to book a tour – we have a high conversion rate! But this rate depends on the quality of leads you and our other partners send. The best success is being open with your readers that this is a premium, indulgent tour. If they want budget tours, they should click through to a budget tour affiliate program.


We review all leads/sales at the end of each month and attribute those which have been completed (paid and their tour has occurred) with the final commission value owed to you, based on the calculations listed above in the calculation section.

If you exceed the minimum threshold of verified and completed commission, then we will pay out at the start of the following month.

We pay using bank transfer using wise.com to any bank account in most currencies. However, if you have a GEL bank account in Georgia, that is the best option, instead of Wise. Otherwise, our base currency payment is USD or GBP or EUR, so receiving to an account in one of those currencies works best.

Can you payout to PayPal?

Sometimes. The fees are horrible, so if you want to pay them we’d try and accommodate you. If you work online in multiple currencies and don’t have Wise already, you are probably losing a lot of money using Paypal – change if you can!


All our tours are priced in the local currency, GEL. We’ll convert profits for your payout to your chosen currency, using the rate shown by Wise at the time of payment.

Partners Who We Typically Work With

The types of businesses that make the most money with us and are prime for mutual collaboration.

You will have the most success promoting us if your current audience is interested in premium tours, all-inclusive travel, food, wine, and Georgia – especially if you have content already relating to Georgia that gets traffic/views. 

If your focus is specifically on budget travel it is highly unlikely our program is for you and our experience with budget travelers asking us to “make them a budget version” of our tours has always universally resulted in us saying no. It’s just not what we do, and it would not meet our quality standards. If your referrals show a pattern of being clients who will never book our tours, we will remove you from the program as sadly we don’t have the admin capacity to entertain requests that don’t match our brand.

Our tours typically start from 300 GEL per person, and our most popular tours are over 400 GEL per person per day. In effect, anyone looking to spend less than $100 USD per person for a 1-day all-inclusive tour, will not find options with us.

Hotels & Physical Businesses in Georgia

Anywhere that tourists would visit while in Georgia, especially places that are luxury and/or food and wine focused.

  • 4 & 5 Star hotels
  • Boutique and food/wine-focused hotels
  • Wine shops & Bars
  • Higher end & specialist restaurants

Not only can we have you join our affiliate program, we can provide leaflets and other printed materials to help you promote directly to your guests.

Online Publishers, Bloggers, Influencers etc.

If your audience is luxury, food, wine or Georgia-focused, it can be a great fit.

If you already have content relating to Georgia that gets views/traffic, that works great too.

Do you offer free fam/blogger trips on your tours?

This is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Primarily the decision is made based on if you have proven traffic/views/audience that meet the above categories. Especially if your content is about Georgia AND one or more of the other things.

If not, you would need to offer something else – like videography services – which is valuable to us. Or have a significant audience that is relevant enough to warrant a free or discounted trip.

Pitch [email protected] but be aware that as we worked in blogging since 2013, we are very familiar with what sort of blog/influencer promotion actually converts, and it needs to be a solid pitch for it to make sense for us to invest – trips are not really free for us, we pay all the vendors to host you.

International Tour Companies & Listing Sites

For listings sites and aggregators, we can provide whatever you need to get our tour listed. You can use our affiliate program, or if you have your own program and transact directly on your own site, contact [email protected] to discuss.

We often work with international tour companies and resellers to provide local tours, white labeled to you. Either as segments of your larger tours or complete tours. Our management team is native English speaking and very familiar with your needs. We can build something that fits your target audience – but normally we will only work on these projects if they meet the key foundations of our products – food, wine, higher-end pricing.

For large projects and large groups, however, we can discuss lower price points. Send your requirements to [email protected]

How To Join The Affiliate Program

Apply here:


We reserve the right to refuse applications, without reason, at our discretion. If we are not already familiar with you or your company, especially if you do not clearly work in the tourism or food/wine industry, you should definitely be very clear on how you will promote us and why it would make sense to be a promotional partner.

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