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Below you can learn the basics of Georgian natural/qvevri wine, get our Georgian wine-tasting cheat sheet and printable tasting card, access our wine regions map (including 4 wine route itineraries) and see a full list of the Georgian appellations (PDO’s) and which grapes are used in each.

All our food & wine tours focus on premium authentic travel. We created a balance because luxury is rarely authentic, but we want you to experience the real Georgia with comfort and quality built in.

We offer grass roots experiences with expert guides, modern vehicles, small groups (Up to 7 people for our scheduled wine country tours, larger groups possible for private tours) where you meet the winemakers themselves, try elevated and unique homemade food and have a personal, immersive trip.

We provide all-inclusive tours with ample food & wine tastings – because on tours where every drink or bite to eat is at an extra cost are not just frustrating but also remove your freedom to enjoy. We select the best food and wine for you and remove the question marks from what to try. You will not return home hungry or thirsty if you follow our lead. Everything taken care of, just relax, feast, enjoy and go with the Georgian flow.

Georgian Qvevri Wine vs European Classical (Steel Tank) Wine

The qvevri is a clay amphora. Wine is fermented and aged inside, as it was 8000 years ago.

A key difference with Georgian wine is this skin contact. Georgian white (amber) wines are made with extended skin contact, whereas European classical white wines (typically steel tank production) are fermented with just the juice and no skins (or barely hours with skins).

Skin contact in amber wines can be from a few days to 6+ months, depending on the variety, the season, the terroir, and the winemaker’s preference.

The qvevri itself can impart various characteristics – compared to steel, which is inert – but the amount of effect the qvevri has depends on the type of qvevri and a lot of other factors that need a deeper discussion.

In Georgian white (amber) wines, you’ll find more tannins and a very different flavor profile from European whites. On first tasting, some people say “this is not wine!” But really, it’s the original wine. Once you discover the higher quality versions – not the budget table and homemade wines (which can often be lackluster or have technical faults) – you’ll be surprised as to how expressive it can be.

Georgian Wine Crash Course & Wine Tasting Cheat Sheet/Template

For a crash course in everything you need to know to get familiar with Georgian wines, access our Georgian wine crash course. You’ll also get our wine tasting review card and guide so you can understand how to taste and appreciate Georgian qvevri wines.

 Georgian Wine Crash Course & Tasting Cheat Sheet / Guide
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Wine Regions Map & 4 x 1-Day Itineraries

Click the side menu icon on the map to see the listings of each itinerary. Discover more about the wine regions and grapes on our partner site Food Fun Travel. Or come and taste them for yourself on a tour! At a wine tasting in Tbilisi, at a wine harvest or on one of my one-off wine explorer trips.

The above itineraries are designed for a basic introduction to Georgian wine at locations that are easier for tourists to book themselves and where hosts speak English.

But, why settle for the easiest to find, rather than the best options? And why travel by yourself and without a guide, figuring everything out for yourself and doing all the work?

Not to mention, who will be the designated driver who doesn’t get to enjoy all the amazing wines of Georgia?

Instead, join a specialist group tour with us. Meet the winemakers. Visit lesser-known places with unique small-batch wines. Leave the driving to us, share the experience with new people (or book a private tour) and be led by an expert guide who will massively enhance your wine country experience.

Best Seller

Vines & Mountains – 1 Day Kakheti Wine Tour (Telavi) Meet The Wine Artisans!

From₾400 GEL
13 Hours
Tbilisi & Telavi
5 Days Per Week (Apr-Aug). Replaced by harvest tour (Sept/Oct). Replaced by winter wine tour (Dec to Mar). And on-demand daily, year-round. 1-day tour taking a deep dive into traditional wine & food culture/history in Georgia’s most popular wine region, Kakheti. A fun, relatively busy day.
Best Seller
Sighnaghi Wine Tour - Kakheti Wine Region

Vines & Villages Sighnaghi Wine Tour – 1 Day Kakheti Food & Wine Tour

From₾430 GEL
12 Hours
6 Days per week (Apr-Nov). And on-demand daily. Replaced by winter wine tour (Dec to Mar). Most diverse wine trip. multi-course pairing menu lunch. Family dinner. Visit the mountain village of Signagi with stunning views of the Caucasus mountains. Visit 3 wineries, taste 11+ wines across 2+ wine appellations (PDO).
Authentic Family Feast

The Supra (Feast) – 1/2 Day Kakheti Artisan Dinning Experience (Food & Wine Tour)

From₾350 GEL
8 Hours
4 Days Per Week (Mar to Dec) and on-demand daily, year-round. The ultimate authentic Georgian feast experience. Join a local artisan winemaker and their family. Interactive dining with the Tamada (toastmaster), Polyphonic singing, abundant food & wine.
Protected Zones / Wines

Microzones (Georgian Appellations / PDOs)

Rtveli: Wine Harvest Tours

Pick Grapes & Feast With Artisan Winemakers

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