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Featuring Winemaker Baia Abuladze: From Forbes 30 under 30 (Europe) 2019 

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Reserve your spot for the first ever Georgian (Europe) virtual wine tasting - live with the winemaker, direct from Georgia to you in the USA. (Tbilisi, Georgia residents can also attend)


About Us

Georgian Food & Wine Club: Starting as a food & wine tour company in Georgia (Country), we are now bringing you a mix of artisan wines, foods products and our favourite production wines, made in Georgia, direct to you in the USA (and Tbilisi, capital of Georgia)

Our mission is to excite your taste buds, introduce you to unique Georgian food & wine and connect you directly to the artisan winemakers themselves via virtual tours & virtual tastings.

What is Georgian Natural Wine?

Georgia is the country with the oldest archeological evidence of winemaking (Since 6,000 BC). They have been making natural bio wines using traditional methods for 8000 years - and still follow that tradition today.

When white wine is made with prolonged skin contact (rather than skins being removed as they are with modern wines) the wine develops a gold to deep orange hue. It also has additional tannic qualities (dryness) closer to red wines.

Georgian wines are aged in the qvevri - a large clay pot, buried underground. The clay also imparts unique character.

If you want to learn more about how this type of wine is made, and taste it for yourself, join our next virtual tasting intro presentation (before the main wine tasting). Pre-register above.

There is a story behind every artisan wine...

This Month's Feature Winery

Baia's Wine / Gvantsa's Wine
Obcha, Imereti, Georgia

Baia & her sister, Gvantsa, have created one of the most successful female owned independent wineries in Georgia.
Exciting Selection Of West Georgian (Imereti region) grapes
Hand Made Wines Using Traditional & All Natural Production
1 to 3 Wines To Try In This Months Tasting Selection

This family vineyard is located in the village of Obcha in central-west Georgia and is led by winemaker Baia Abuladze (From Forbes 30 under 30 - Europe - 2019). Her family have been making wines in the village for more than 3 generations.

Their wines are aged in the family cellar in the traditional qvevris (clay pots) buried underground to maintain a stable temperature.

Everything is done by hand, from picking the grapes, to bottling the wine. Nothing is added to the wine - it's 100% grapes and just minimum sulfites for bottle preservation. No man-made chemicals are used during the growing process, only natural bio processes.

The village of Obcha boasts a unique micro-climate for growing the grapes that are used to make Baia’s wines. Obcha is located east of the Sairme Mountains, which gives a slightly higher angle for the rays of the sun and a greater solar intensity.

At 324 meters above sea level, the land offers an ideal location for growing premium wine grapes. the perfect balance of geography, micro-climate and well-drained soil come together to create the perfect environment for Bais’s exquisitely handcrafted wines. the heavy cold air that collects between the high peaks during the night drains off the heights, much like water, joining cold moist air, creating a double cooling effect. the cool nighttime temperatures are critical in developing high quality grapes.

The alluvial soil, with clay, gravel, sand and limestone has another significant influence on wine quality. The limestone offers good drainage in the wet years, retaining much needed moisture in the dry vintages, while adding various mineral elements to the soils, which transfer to the gorgeous grapes.

Join Us To Celebrate National Sister's Day (Sunday August 2nd) With Wines Of Georgia Made By Two Of The Most Successful Sister Winemakers In The Country

Which Wines Will We Be Tasting?

To join our tasting, you can order at least one of the following wines from your local US supplier. Information on ordering will be provided after your free registration below.

Krakhuna 2019 (Dry White) - Aromas of persimmon, apricot and citrus, with honeycomb and sweet spice on the mid pallet with a long finish highlighted by moderate tannin. All the fruit is estate grown in the vineyards in the village of Obcha, hand picked and hand sorted.
Grapes: 20% Krakhuna - 20% Tsitska - 60% Tsolikouri
Fermentation: Inside Qvevri (Clay Amphora)
Maceration: 3 months only 30% of Skins
Yeast: Wild/Airborne 
(Similar to... no European variety)

Aladasturi Rosé 2019 - A rare red grape from the Guria region, near Imereti. Crisp dry rosé with raspberry notes on the nose and on the palate. Zero skin contact during fermentation. Initial 3 week fermentation in the qvevri, then aged in steel tanks.
Rosé production is still rare in Georgia, especially with small independent producers. This vintage is one of the only rosés made from this grape varietal available anywhere.

Aladasturi Red 2019A pale red ruby in color, minerality on the nose, this wine has the notes of bay leaves blended with pomegranates, ending with the aromas of figs. Distinctive light red wine with light velvety tannins, long finish and hints of barberry aftertaste.
Fermented in Qvevri. Not fined, unfiltered and low in sulfites.
(Similar to pinot noir)

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Discover Unique Artisan Wines - All The Way From Georgia - From The Comfort Of Your Own Home


Pre-Register Now!
Reserve your spot for the first ever Georgian (Europe) virtual wine tasting - live with the winemaker, direct from Georgia to you in the USA. (Tbilisi, Georgia residents can also attend)

Our amazing expat community (in Georgia) are loving our Wine Club & Virtual's what they are saying about us


" The Georgian Food and Wine club brought high quality Georgian wine straight to my door. We don't always have time to leave the city and visit the many amazing wineries Georgia has to offer. This was a convenient way to taste and learn more about these unique wines which are so important to the Georgian culture."


"Living in Tbilisi, I always go to Tommo for my food and wine recommendations and I’ve never been disappointed. That’s why I was so excited to join his Georgian Food & Wine Club! It was so great to have a curated box of incredible wines delivered straight to my door.
They partner with small independent wineries to help you try fantastic wines you may never have heard of. It’s been great to shake up my wine selection, get out of my Georgian wine comfort zone, and support local winemakers all at the same time. I can’t recommend them enough! "

Pictured Above: Photos from a previous event in Georgia & The Zoom Presentation

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